About the project


Our world is complex. Following the news makes us raw in the face of the latest tragedy, but it can also leave us confused. Often we don’t understand what’s going on or why. We can’t see beneath the surface.

The Rest of the Iceberg offers help. It answers questions people ask about the world in clear, simple English. It explains the backstories so you can make sense of what you see on the surface. It tells you what’s already happened so you can comprehend the here and now.

The Rest of the Iceberg isn’t deterministic. It doesn’t say the world has to be the way it is. It doesn’t remove people’s responsibility for building better societies where they live. Every day we all help to shape life above the waterline.

The Rest of the Iceberg will help you understand the world. That understanding will help you engage the world’s challenges more effectively. That’s the ultimate goal. 


What’s your question about what you see—online or on the street? Send it in. We’ll let you know if it’s featured on the site. Your question can help others learn more about the rest of the iceberg that they don't see.